From our journey which began in 2017, Candys Glitz Concepts has grown to be an enterprise in the sales of quality products of different brands worldwide.

Our brand spans across the sales of cosmetics care products (make-up, hair, face and body), toiletries, groceries, jewelries, tools, and accessories that can be utilized by both sexes from the Tot to the grown-ups.

Our Spa services includes body care (body polishing (ordinary and moroccan) and body steaming), facials (anti-aging, butts, dermafacials, exfoliating, extracting, and microneedling), genital care (penacials, vajacials and vaginal steaming), eyelash extension (classic, hybrid, mega volume, and volume), fat reduction therapy (arm, face lift, stomach, thigh, back fat, and tummy sauna reduction), makeover (brow carving, gele tying, and make-up), massages (eye, feet massage and simulator, lower body, neck, total body, upper body, and swiss), vacuum therapy (butt lift, boobs, and hips), piercing (ear, nose, and navel), microblading/microshading, nail therapy (feet peeling, feet soaking, feet massage and simulator, hand peeling, manicure, and pedicure), and waxing (armpit, chin, face, genital, leg, and hand).

We have a SALON where we make haidro for both gender and includes braids, dreads, corn roll, crochet braids, fixing, wigs, weavon, ponytail, retouching, setting, steaming, waving, tinting, dying, molding, and barbing.

Our supermarket sells essential daily needs comprising of cooking items (cooking oils, condiments, dry foods), spreads, biscuits, chocolates, sweets, drinks, snacks, nuts, beverages, baby foods, toiletries, household equipment, and stationary.

From the very friendly environment at which we operate, all our royal customers are treated with great honor and respect, carried out by our well-trained staff.