From our journey which began in 2017, Candys Glitz Concepts has grown to be an enterprise with the sales of quality products of different brands nationwide.

Our brand spans across the wide range sales of personal care products (make-up, hair, and body care), tools, and accessories that can be utilized by both sexes from the Tot to the grown-ups.

We render services such as daily and professional make-up and gele tying (for different occasions and skill development), spa (massages (eye, body and neck massages), facial treatments, manicure and pedicure treatments, vacuum therapy, vagina steaming, tummy blasting therapy, vajafacials treatments, micro blading and shading, semi-permanent lashes, body polishing and steaming, mole and tag removal).

From the very friendly environment at which we operate, all our royal customers are treated with great honor and respect, carried out by our well-trained staff.